Example: Using the batch prefix variable

How to use the batch prefix variable to control which batches are processed in Verify or Transfer.


The Scan operator groups invoices into different kinds of batches using one of these ways:

  • When scanning a batch, the Scan operator types a value for the batch prefix that tells which kind of batch it is.
  • The Scan operator runs a different Scan job for each kind of batch.

To verify invoices in a certain kind of batch, the Verify operator starts a Verify job in which that kind of batch is specified.

How it works

For each batch, the batch prefix variable will have a value. A job description for Verify or Transfer will be used to process batches with a specific batch prefix.

How to do it

  1. Decide whether the batch prefix value will be set by the Scan operator or specified in the Scan job description.
    • If the value is set by the Scan operator, no setup is needed in the Scan job description.
    • If the value is set in the Scan job description, create different Scan job descriptions, each with a specific value for Batch prefix on the Batching dialog of the job description.
  2. In the Verify or Transfer job description, choose Select batches and With prefix on the Select page, and specify the batch prefix value that is to determine which batches are processed.