Draw fields on an invoice image

This applies to single item fields when you are optimizing an invoice definition.

When you select a field definition in the Learning dialog, the field title and value are each outlined by a frame (a colored rectangle) on the invoice definition image.

To draw a field

  1. Click the Value field or Title field button at the top of the window to select the type of field. (For Currency and Debit/Credit fields, only the Title field button is available.)
  2. Double-click the field text or value on the invoice definition to create a new frame around the field.

Alternatively, you can click and drag a frame around the field. If you do not want the frame to automatically snap to fit the size of the field, hold down the Ctrl key while you draw the frame.

Note Using Ctrl can affect field interpretation here in Verify. (Why? Because it activates the internal interpretation engine instead of OmniPage.)

To move or resize a frame

Select the frame and click Move in the Field learning dialog. A black frame appears.

  • To move it, click inside the frame and drag it.
  • To resize it, click a handle on the edge or corner of the frame and drag it.