The Field profile dialog: Validation settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, open the invoice profile.
  2. If you are going to edit the settings, make sure the invoice profile is inactive.
  3. Open the field profile or value identifier profile.
  4. Click Validation.

    Use these settings to specify field handling in Verify and validate field values.

    All of these settings are also saved in the invoice definition.

    Field handling in Verify – settings that control how to process the field in the Verify module, depending on field type
    Confirm The Verify operator must press Enter for the field in the approve dialog.
    Retype The Verify operator must retype the value of the field after pressing Enter for the field. This is a way for you to confirm that Kofax ReadSoft Invoices' interpretation of the field is correct, and it is useful for fields containing very important data or data that has proven difficult to interpret correctly. How it works:
    1. The Verify operator first corrects any interpretation errors (uncertain or uninterpretable characters) as usual.
    2. When the Verify operator presses Enter for the field, a message is displayed, and the operator must type the field value in a dialog.
    3. If the operator types a value that is not the same as the interpreted value, a warning message is displayed. At his point, the Verify operator can do one of two things:
      • Press Enter to specify that the retyped value should be used.
      • Replace the retyped value with a new value and press Enter twice to use it.
    Confirm and Retype When both Confirm and Retype are selected, the Verify operator can type a new value, but must type it again to have it accepted.

    The result is the same as for Retype if the operator retypes the same value as the already interpreted (and possibly corrected) value.

    If the retyped value is not the same as the interpreted (possibly corrected) value, this warning message is displayed: "The retype value does not match. Confirm it." The Verify operator must type the retyped value again and then press Enter.

    Must be filled The field must have a value. The Verify operator must type a value for it if no value is filled in by Interpret. How it works:
    • If the field contains a value, the Verify operator handles the field in the normal way.
    • If the field is empty, the Verify operator sees an F for field error. If the operator presses Enter without typing a value for the field, he or she is prompted to type a value for the field. The operator can then either type a value and press Enter, or click OK to save the empty field.

    Use this setting with care. (What will the Verify operator enter when the field does not exist on the invoice?)

    Note This setting is not allowed for a field if No verification is selected in the Options settings.
    Field validation – used by Interpret to validate a numerical field
    IntervalFrom and To Specifies a valid range for a numeric field. For example, type 1 and 12 to have Interpret check whether the interpreted value of the current numerical field is greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 12. No decimals are allowed here.
    Checksum Used to perform a modulo 10 check-digit control of a numeric field. See separate topic.
    Invoice validation
    Expression An expression that Interpret uses when validating the value of one or more numerical fields on an invoice. See separate topic.