Add a single item field profile to an invoice profile

Use this procedure to add a single item field profile.

  1. Using Manager, click the Invoice profiles object bar.
  2. Double-click the invoice profile to open it and display its components.
  3. Right-click the Field profiles folder under the invoice profile you are working with and select Add single item field. The Single item field profile dialog is displayed.
  4. Type a name for the field profile in the Name box.
  5. Select a field type. (The available types are determined by what country profile you are using. See also: The Field types dialog.)
  6. Select a format type.

  7. Adjust the settings for each group on the left side of the dialog.

    Be sure to specify titles in the Title settings.

    There are defaults for the other settings. You can accept the defaults now and change the settings later when you test the invoice profile. Or, you can review the settings and change them now as required to complete this field profile.

  8. Click OK to save the field profile.
  9. Save the invoice profile.

    If necessary, you can override the format specification depending on the buyer or corporate group ID. To do this, create a field exception.