Add-ons installed in the system

Add-ons, also known as extensions or plug-ins, makeKofax ReadSoft Invoices more powerful by providing new features or enhanced functionality.

You can view a list of add-ons that are installed in the system by clicking Extensions in the About Kofax ReadSoft Invoices dialog. If you want to view or adjust the configuration of add-ons, select the desired item in the list, and then click Configure. You can also prevent modules from starting without the extension.

Some add-ons offer commands in the Plug-ins menu of certain modules.

Most add-ons are optional and some require special licensing, while others may be a part of a custom solution. Therefore, it is possible that not all of the add-ons listed in Help are included in your Kofax ReadSoft Invoices installation. Likewise, you could have add-ons installed that are not covered by this help file. For instructions pertaining to those add-ons, please refer to the documentation that was supplied with them.