Scan invoices

Prepare to scan

  1. The scanning process is controlled by the Scan job description. (Create the job description.)
  2. Unfold the invoices and remove any staples or other binding material.
  3. Place the pages in the correct orientation.
  4. Optional: Divide the invoices into stacks by country (invoice profile). (Selecting invoices to process explains how this affects job description settings.)
  5. Multi-page invoices and invoices with appendices: Placing a blank piece of paper before the start of each new invoice is the most common way to deal with these. You can also separate invoices using barcodes. See Document separation: Overview.
  6. If you are scanning batches, divide the invoices into batches.
  7. Fan and then tap the front edge of the pile of papers to straighten the pile to avoid getting the paper stuck in the scanner.
  8. Load the invoices in the correct orientation in relation to the scanner. The invoices should be supported on two sides by the paper guides.

Scan invoices

  1. Run the Scan job to scan the invoices. (Open the appropriate Scan job and click Start.)
  2. If you are scanning batches, fill in the Batch information dialog.
  3. Monitor the paper feed process and the general quality of the thumbnail images. The goal is to keep the process moving, so you may choose to let isolated poor-quality images pass through. Otherwise, practice will tell you when image quality is not good enough for your purposes.
As invoices are scanned, they are saved to TIFF files unless you specifically discard them. This is why there is no Save or Save as command for scanned invoices in Scan. (See also: Invoice images in the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices system: Overview)

Troubleshooting during scanning

Certain events may require your attention. The most common of these is a paper jam. A message displayed in the Operator control dialog describes the situation.

If the scanner is not connected or is switched off, connect or switch on the scanner, wait until it is ready, make sure there are invoices in the document feeder, and start the job again.

See Troubleshooting during scanning for more information.