Delete XML invoices from the maintenance dialog

XML invoices are deleted from the system in the same way as any other invoices (using the Manager, for example). However, if you want to delete them from the system completely, including the XML invoice definition they belong to, you must do it in the correct order, since some of the information is stored in the Collector database.

If it is not done correctly, you may not be able to delete the corresponding XML invoice definitions.

Note The procedure described below only works for XML invoices that were previously deleted somewhere else.
  1. Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.
  2. Click Refresh to update the display of XML invoices in the system, since you will only be able to select and delete those XML invoices in the dialog that have already been deleted elsewhere (that is, they must have the status InvoiceObjectMissing in the dialog in order to be deleted).
  3. On the XML invoices tab, right-click one or more invoices and select Delete.
  4. Confirm deletion by clicking OK.