Process a torn or damaged invoice

Your company must decide how to get torn or damaged invoices into the system. Such a process might include:

  • Contacting the supplier and requesting a new invoice.
  • Scanning the damaged invoice using a separate Scan job that uses a flatbed scanner (or your regular scanner's flatbed function).
Note invoiceinvoice into the system, it can work fine.
  • Manually typing (keying in) information from the invoice when the data cannot be interpreted (described below).

If a damaged or dirty invoice has already passed Interpret, it has status Unidentified instead of Scanned. See Handling unidentified invoices manually.

Manual entry of scanned invoices

Note that you cannot process "scanned" invoices using an inbox. You must use a job description.

  1. Open the Verify job description, or create a new one for this purpose.
  2. In the Job description dialog, select Adjust or Adjust and approve in the Verify job description Control settings.
  3. Select Scanned in the Status settings of the Verify job description. (Scanned picks up invoices that bypassed Interpret.)
  4. Optional: Exclude other invoices from the job by deselecting other Status settings.
  5. Run the Verify job and manually type the data for the invoice.