Optimize bank account tables

Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can learn bank account tables automatically. However, if invoices from a particular supplier have repeated interpretation problems, you can relearn the table in Optimize to improve interpretation.

You can include bank account information in your invoice profile using:

  • Single item fields. This is recommended, because it allows you to fine-tune the functionality by selecting/deselecting Supplier field and No interpretation.
  • Table fields (which this topic deals with). If you use bank account tables, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices only finds them on the page on which they are learned. If the table later occurs on another page of the invoice, the program will not find it. Therefore, learn the table on the page on which it most commonly occurs.


  1. Select a line item table in the Data objects box in the Learning dialog.
  2. Click Add row in the Field learning dialog for table fields.
  3. Select the first field you want to learn in the Field learning dialog.
  4. Use the mouse to draw a box around the corresponding field on the invoice image. The interpreted value appears in the Field learning dialog.
  5. Optional: Right-click each bank account field in the Field learning dialog and select Properties to adjust the settings.
  6. Add more rows for other bank accounts if necessary.
  7. Click OK to save the bank account table. The table is now Learned.