Search for invoices or batches: Examples

These examples show how to:

Filtering the list using Search options

To list all invoices or batches that were scanned on or before January 4, 2018 and that have the status Scanned:

  1. Select Status in the Search options box and then deselect all boxes in the Status options except for Scanned.
  2. Select Date in the Search options box and then select Scanned and Before date in the Date box. Select January 4, 2018.

Filtering the list using the boxes above the column headers

  • Enter text to find all entries that start with it.

    Example: Type Read above a column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, etc.

  • Enclose text in * or % to find all entries that contain it. Note: You must use two symbols. One asterisk or percent symbol will not give the desired results.

    Example: Type *Read* or %Read% above a column.

    Results: Reading, ReadSoft, Bread, etc.

  • Enclose text in " to find exact matches.

    Example: Type "Read" above a column.

    Result: Read and nothing else.