Edit field colors: Add a new color to the list

A maximum of four background colors and four foreground colors can be defined in the Edit field colors dialog. The first background button is already defined with the dominant color the first time you open the dialog.

  1. Click Add new.
  2. In either the black and white or color image window, right-click a background color that you want to add, or left-click a foreground color that you want to add. The color under the cursor is displayed in the Color box at the top of the dialog, so watch this to help you choose the right color. If you need to be more precise in your selection of colors, click anywhere in the dialog and press F3 to zoom in on the field and F4 to zoom out.
  3. Check the results in the upper window. If the image is not improved, edit the color, include a range of similar colors, remove the color, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving changes.