Configure a job to use XML output

To transfer invoice output in XML format:

  1. Use Manager to open or create the job description.
  2. In the Transfer job description's General settings, select XML output.
  3. In the Output settings, use the Output directory box to specify the folder where the files are to be saved.
  4. Optional: Use the Multiple output files settings to determine how the XML files are saved.
    Note Multiple output files is selected automatically when you select XML output in the General settings. This ensures that a fixed number of invoices is saved in each XML file. However, you can adjust that fixed number using the Max. invoices in each file setting.
    1. Optional: Adjust the Output format settings.

    By default, output is saved using Kofax's own XML format. To transform the output to a different XML format, select XML output transformation and specify the location of the XSL file to be used for the transformation. The Kofax ReadSoft Invoices installation includes an example, INVOICES\Samples\XML\ReadSoftInvoice56ToHtml.xsl.