Buyer identification information in the process log: Overview

Knowing what was used to identify the buyer for an invoice can provide information on why the correct buyer was not set. This information can be included in the process log and used to improve buyer data or improve how the buyer is configured in the system.

What is noted in the process log depends on how many buyers are in the system and how buyer identification has been configured:

  • No buyer match found - The buyer could not be identified using the settings in eiglobal.ini, the buyers list, or any other plugin.

  • Only one buyer in system: Buyer ID and Buyer Name - Since the indicated buyer was the only one in the job description, it was set as the buyer for the invoice.

  • Found match on "Field" for Buyer ID and Buyer Name in the buyers list - Multiple buyers were specified in the job description and the buyer was identified using "Field".
  • Buyer identified as Buyer Name, Buyer ID using an invoice rule - An invoice rule was used to identify the buyer.