Work with transaction descriptions

  1. Using Manager, click the Invoice profiles object bar.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) to expand an invoiceprofile.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Transaction descriptions folder. This contains the transaction descriptions that you added to the invoice profile.

    You can:

    • Add a transaction description

    You can add:

    • one transaction description
    • one archive transfer
    • one start transaction description
    • one stop transaction description.

    You specify which ones to use in the Transfer job.

    To add a transaction description, right-click the Transaction descriptions folder and select Add.

    • Open a transaction description for editing

    When you open a transaction description, you can edit its settings. You can edit the transaction description at any time, even when the invoice profile is active. The changes you make will be used in the next Transfer job that is started after you save the transaction description.

    To open a transaction description, either double-click it or right-click it and select Open.

    • Mark a transaction description as the default standard transaction description

    After you mark a default standard transaction description, it will be used starting with the next Transfer job if the Transfer job specifies <Default> as the Standard transaction description.

    To mark a transaction description as the default standard transaction description, right-click it and select Default.

You can also work with job descriptions using the Transaction descriptions object bar. The difference is that here you see transaction descriptions for all invoice profiles.