Create a scanner description

To create a scanner description:

  1. The scanner must be connected, its power must be on, and the correct driver must be installed.
  2. Using Manager, click the Scanner descriptions object bar.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the resulting Scanner description area above the object bars and select New.
  4. The message, "No contact with scanner. Check the scanner and the cables..." is displayed. This is normal because you have not defined your scanner settings yet. Click OK.
  5. Select the scanner that is connected.
  6. In the Scanner settings dialog, select the other settings that you want.
  7. Click OK. Type a name for the scanner description. Click OK.

    You select which scanner description you want to use in the General settings for Scan.

    If you process imported image files in Interpret, you can select the scanner description in the Configure image file source and destinations dialog, too. This can improve the interpretation rate.

    Important warning - Do not change the scanner description after you have started running in production. Changing scanners or scanner descriptions after creating an invoice definition can lead to poor identification.

    You can use more than one scanner description for an invoice profile, either by creating more than one job description or by switching scanner descriptions in an existing job description. However, this is not ideal. Using more than one scanner description per invoice profile can result in an artificially high number of identification failures. Use only one scanner description per invoice profile, if possible.