Field title

Use the Title box in the Field learning dialog to learn the title for the field being learned. The boxes show:

Top box The interpreted title. It also contains a list of predefined titles defined in the field profile. The value in this box is learned when you click OK.
Middle box The interpreted title
Bottom box The text type of the title

How to use the first two boxes

  1. If no title is drawn for the field, draw it on the invoice definition image.
  2. If the title is correctly interpreted, click OK.
  3. If the interpreted title contains characters that display as asterisks (*), try using different text types in the bottom box, and try using a filter. When the title is correctly interpreted, click OK.
  4. If you want to capture a numeric title, for example 25%, draw the title to get the correct position. Type the correct value in the top box, in this case 25%. Click OK.
  5. If there is no suitable title on the invoice for a field, and the field is located in a fixed position on this invoice, select No title in the top box. In the Position box, set the position to Fixed.

    Note Be careful when changing the Title of a field that has been set to Title occurrence sets value. This is the default setting of the Debit/Credit field, for example. That is, if Kofax ReadSoft Invoices finds Debit or Credit on the invoice, the invoice is marked as such. If you change the Title of such fields in Optimize, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices will look for the new value to determine the value to use.

How to use the bottom box

In the bottom box, you can change the text type. The result is shown in the boxes above.