Add line item rows in Verify

Use the following procedure to add line items that are missing while verifying invoices. Rows are added to the Line items dialog.

  1. You can either:
    1. Right-click anywhere within the column headings and select Add row to add a new row at the top of the line item list.
    2. Right-click the leftmost cell of the row (that is, the one containing the row number) before or after which you want to add a row, and then click Insert row above or Insert row below to insert a row in a specific place within the table.
  2. Manually enter a field value you want captured in the appropriate box.
  3. Press Enter. The line item is Complete, and the value is automatically formatted according to the format specification of the line item field definition.
  4. Repeat steps two and three for each line item field you want to capture.