Configure what actions to take for an invoice rule when conditions are not met

This is one of the steps required to configure invoice rules for use with the InvoiceRules plugin.

Do the following to configureactions that are performed when conditions are met for invoice rules during processing:

  1. Complete steps 1-5 when configuring invoice rules.
  2. Click Add under Actions in the Edit Rule dialog.
  3. Select and configure each of the desired following actions (click each item for more information):

    * Multiple parts can be added to determine the resulting value by clicking Add value part at the bottom of the configuration window for these actions.

    Note that static and dynamic values are also specified for the actions above.

  4. If you need to edit or remove defined actions, select the item in the list, and clickEdit or Remove respectively.
  5. If desired, select an action in the list and click Move up or Move down to rearrange the order when they are executed.
  6. Return to topic on configuring invoice rules.