Specifications for external files and tables for field validation

You can use text files and tables retrieved via an ODBC connection for field validation. You specify them in the Field dialog.

The specifications for a text file are as follows:

  • Each data item must consist of normal text, maximum 127 characters.
  • There is one data item per line.
  • Each line is terminated by a line-feed character.

The specifications for an ODBC connection are as follows:

  • The data source can be anything that ODBC can connect to; for example, an Access database, Microsoft SQL Server, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, SyBase, Oracle, and others.
  • The data source must be already set up when Interpret and Verify are started.
  • The table named must exist in the database.
  • The table must consist of one (1) column (with any name).
  • The maximum length of a data item in the column is 127 characters.
  • The user name and password used in the ODBC-connected data source are taken from Eilocal.ini.
Note When connecting to an Access database, the field data type must be set to text.