Save to Optimize

If Kofax ReadSoft Invoices assigns an invoice to the wrong supplier, or if Kofax ReadSoft Invoices could not interpret many of the fields, you can select Invoice > Save to Optimize in Verify.

When you do this:

  1. A dialog prompts you to specify why the invoice needs optimization. Type an explanation so that whoever optimizes the invoice will know what to do.

    The comment you enter is displayed when the invoice definition is opened in Optimize. It can also be viewed by clicking the Optimize comment link in the Optimize taskbar.

  2. The invoice definition is marked "Yes" in the Optimize column in the Invoice definitions dialog.
  3. The invoice can be optimized.
    Note Save to Optimize can cause the maximum number of learning invoices specified in the Learning invoices settings to be overridden.


  • In the Invoice definitions dialog you can see which invoices were saved to Optimize: Those invoices have 99 in the Optimize column, instead of 0.
  • A system administrator can adjust which options are available when you use Save to Optimize, namely by adjusting settings in the [SaveToOptimizeComments] section in Eiglobal.ini. See INI file help for more information.