View the process log

One way of monitoring production is by viewing the process log, which tells you what was done to an invoice, when, and by whom.

There are several ways of accessing the process log for an individual invoice:

  • Using Manager, select Administration > Process log (which shows all invoices). Then double-click an invoice.
  • Using Manager, select Administration > Production history. Then right-click anywhere in the Production history dialog and select View process log.
  • Using Verify, select Invoice > Information. You can see the process log in the Invoice information dialog.
  • The process log is not intended for long-term monitoring of production or archiving. It is intended to show the history of invoices that are currently in the system.
  • Due to a database limitation, there will be empty lines in the process log. Empty lines do not indicate errors.
  • Process log messages are saved in the database and can only be removed using a database maintenance plan. Do this regularly to prevent the process log from becoming too large. A large process log can take a very long time to open.
  • The recorded date and times are those for the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices server.
  • You can add messages to the process log using the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices API. See "AddAPIProcessMessage method" topic in API help.
  • You can also export data from the process log.