The Choose batches dialog

Use this dialog to select batches manually.

It is displayed at the start of an Verify or Transfer job if the Select settings for the job include Select batches and User-selected.

Available batches Batches that are ready to be processed. Available batches are added to the left-hand list as they become available. Double-click a batch to move it to the right-hand list.
Selected batches Batches you selected. To verify them click OK. Double-click a batch to move it to the left-hand list.
-> Right arrow  Use your mouse to select one or more batches in the left-hand list. Then click the arrow to move them to the right-hand list.
<- Left arrow To remove batches from the right-hand list, use your mouse to select them. Then click the left-hand arrow.
OK  Starts processing the batch or batches you selected.
Cancel  Closes the dialog without doing anything.