The XML Maintenance dialog: XML invoices tab

To access this dialog:

  1. Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.

    Use this dialog to view the status for XML invoices in the system. You can also delete XML invoices from the list (right-click an invoice in the list and select Delete):

    Table columns Description
    XML profile name The XML invoice profile (not the invoice profile) that the XML invoice belongs to.
    XML definition name The XML invoice definition that the XML invoice belongs to.
    Changed Date and time when XML invoice was last changed.
    Status The XML invoice's current status:
    • Approved - the XML invoice has been approved in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices in the Verify module. It will not be affected by changes made to the XML invoice profile or definition associated with it.
    • Identified - the XML invoice has been interpreted and identified. You need to look at the invoice status in Manager to see where it is in the process (that is, validation error, complete, etc.).
    • InvoiceObjectMissing - the XML invoice has been deleted from the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices system (and can therefore be deleted from this dialog as well).
    • KeepForTraining - this is the XML invoice that is used as the XML invoice source for the XML invoice profile/definition. These can not normally be deleted. However, they can be deleted if they also have the status InvoiceObjectMissing. If they are deleted in this case, you will not be able to open the XML Mapper for the definitions that the XML invoice belonged to (that is, if all XML invoices for that definition have been deleted). To be able to open the definition in the XML mapper, you need to then process one more XML file from the supplier in question.
    • Parked - the XML invoice is waiting for the XML invoice profile or definition that it belongs to to be optimized.
    • Reinterpret - the XML invoice is ready to be reinterpreted. That is, its XML invoice definition has been processed in the XML mapper in Optimize.
    • Unidentified - the XML invoice was not identified during interpretation (such as an XML file that utilizes an unsupported XML standard).
    • Transferred - the XML invoice has been transferred but not deleted.

    Note that an XML invoice can have multiple statuses separated by a + sign:

    • Approved+KeepForTraining+InvoiceObjectMissing would indicate that the XML invoice was the first invoice from the supplier that was approved in Verify and deleted in Kofax ReadSoft Invoices (without notifying Collector).
    • Transferred+KeepForTraining+InvoiceObjectMissing would indicate that the first XML invoice from a supplier has been transferred without the delete action being registered (it could be that the invoice was deleted using a maintenance job rather than being deleted in Transfer).
    Invoice ID The XML invoice's ID number.
    Invoice definition ID The ID number for the invoice definition (not the XML invoice definition) that is connected to the XML invoice.
    Right-click options These options are accessible by right-clicking in the list of XML invoices.
    Delete Deletes the selected XML invoice.
    Sync Syncs the list here with the XML invoices that are still in the system. This is necessary when XML invoices are deleted automatically using a maintenance plan, for example, encumbering the list with unnecessary invoices. Those XML invoices that were deleted from the system in this way are then given InvoiceObjectMissing status and can then be deleted from this dialog.

    This dialog has other settings.