Use email address to identify suppliers

Email addresses can be used to identify suppliers of invoices in one of two ways when using master data depending on the source of the invoices:

  • For invoices received by email, the supplier can be identified by matching the supplier's email address to email addresses found in master data.
  • For invoices scanned from paper invoices (internal source) or images taken from a file folder, the supplier's email address can be extracted if found on the invoice itself and matched to master data.

For both alternatives, email addresses for suppliers must first be included in master data (supplier.xml), in the format EmailAddress="",  and the updated master data must be imported to the system. Expected email addresses for suppliers are then listed in the Suppliers dialog.

Note This does not work for XML invoices.

Identify suppliers sent by email using the supplier's email address

Add UseEmailAddress=1 to the [Options] section in the Eiglobal.ini file. See INI file help for more information.

When an invoice is received by email, the sender's email address is checked against those found in master data. If a match is found, the corresponding supplier is connected to the invoice.

Identify suppliers by extracting email addresses directly from the invoice

Add Fieldn=EmailAddress (where n is an integer) to the [OcrSupplierIdentification] section in the Eiglobal.ini file. See INI file help for information.

If an email address is extracted for an invoice during Interpret, and it matches an email address for a supplier in master data, that supplier is automatically connected to the invoice.