Turn off the interpretation of line item tables

Invoices that include line items are normally processed using an invoice profilebased on purchase-order (PO) invoices. Consequently, the interpretation of line-item tables is turned on by default.

You can also use a single invoice profile based on PO invoices to process both PO and general expense (GE) invoices. This is appropriate if the majority of the invoices processed contain line items, since line-item tables can be turned off individually in Optimize for invoice definitions that do not include them (see Inactive setting).

However, if the majority of invoices are GE invoices in this case, it can be time consuming to turn off the interpretation of line item tables for a large number of invoice definitions in Optimize. To solve this, you can deactivate the interpretation of line items for all invoice definitions in the invoice profile and then activate it again in Optimize for the fewer number of invoice definitions that need it.

To turn off the interpretation of line items for invoice profiles based on purchase order invoice, complete the following steps:

Note Invoice profiles must be deactivated to be able to do this. In addition, if an invoice profile has existing invoice definitions when doing this, you will need to confirm that you want to change this setting for all of them. Consequently, if you decide to do that and line items still need to be interpreted for any of those invoice definitions, you will need to change the setting again for them individually in Optimize.
  1. In Manager, click the Invoice profile object bar and open the desired invoice profile.
  2. Expand the invoice profile and then expand Field profiles under it.
  3. Right-click LineItems in the list of field profiles, click Properties, and then click Inactive in the Table field profile dialog.
  4. Click OK to save the settings.