Change an invoice profile that is used in production

If you change an invoice profile that has been used in production, you need to be careful not to cause problems in your production system. Make changes only when no jobs are running that use the invoice profile, and when no optimizing is being done on invoice definitions for the invoice profile.

If you are changing a field profile, plan how the changes will affect your existing invoice definitions.

If you are making changes that will affect a large number of invoice definitions, we recommend backing up the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices database before you proceed.

Changes to transaction descriptions or job descriptions

You can change the transaction description and the job description at any time.

Changes to invoice profile settings, identifier profiles, or field profiles

  1. Using Manager, deactivate the invoice profile.
  2. You can now:
  3. Right-click the invoice profile and select Settings.
  4. In the General settings, select Active and click OK. (More info.)
  5. Right-click the invoice profile and select Close.
  6. The Definition update dialog is displayed. Use it to specify how field profile changes are to affect the existing invoice definitions. (Which ones are saved in invoice definitions?)