Placeholders in auto-endorse prefix strings: Canon scanners

Applies to many Canon models, for example DR-5080C, DR-7580C, and others.

This table lists placeholder and formatting characters that you can use in the Prefix string setting when your scanner’s auto endorse function is enabled. If you want a counter to be included in the endorsed string, you must use a placeholder for the counter.

Character Description
<C> Placeholder for single-digit counter.
<C#> Placeholder for counter. Replace "#" with the number of digits you want the counter to have. Example: <C3> results in a 3-digit counter.
<TIME> Inserts the time.
<MDY> Inserts the date. Format: Month/Day/Year
<DMY> Inserts the date. Format: Day/Month/Year
<YMD> Inserts the date. Format: Year/Month/Day

Please refer to the documentation that came with your scanner if you need more information.