The Field specification dialog

To access this dialog:

  1. Using Manager, select Administration > Field exceptions > Field specifications.
  2. Right-click and select New or Open.

This dialog displays the settings for an existing field specification. (Field specifications are part of field exceptions.) You can also create a new field specification.

Name The name of the field specification.
Field type The field type associated with the field specification.
Field name in invoice profile Usually this differs from the name of the field type. It always differs in invoice profiles for countries where English is not the native language. For example, InvoiceTotalVatIncludedAmount is called GrossValue in a UK invoice profile and GesamtBetrag in a German invoice profile.

The field name that is displayed here is the first one INVOICES finds in your invoice profiles. It is for information only. You cannot change it.

Format specification The format specification for the field specification.
Prefix The prefix for the field specification.
Activation Inactive deactivates the field (not the field specification). When the field specification is used in a field rule, the field is not interpreted and is not displayed in Verify.