Add missing fields to XML invoice definitions and profiles

In the XML invoices that you receive, there may be information that you want to extract that is not covered by the default Kofax ReadSoft Invoices fields (for examples, freight numbers, license-plate numbers, and so on). You can add fields for that information in the XML invoice definition or profile. The data is then extracted from the invoice and displayed in the PDF image. These fields are added to the information columns located above the line item information.

  1. Before a field can be added to an XML invoice definition or profile, the field profile must be included in the invoice profile that the invoice belongs to.
  2. Add the field to the layout (general template) in the XML Maintenance tool.
  3. Add the field to the desired XML invoice profile so that it applies to all invoices and suppliers that are associated with the profile.
  4. Add the field to the XML invoice definition in the XML Maintenance tool.
  5. Close the XML Maintenance tool.
  6. Interpret an XML invoice that contains information for the new field.
  7. Verify the invoice from the previous step, and select Invoice > Save to Optimize. Select Yes when asked if the invoice should be reprocessed.
  8. Optimize the field.
  9. Run the job again in Interpret to reprocess the invoice.
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 8 as needed until the results are satisfactory.