Create or edit a table

You can use tables to validate field values or translate field values.

To create a new table

  1. Using Manager, select File > New.
  2. In the New dialog, select Table and click OK.
  3. Type a name for the new table. Note that table names are case sensitive.
  4. Click OK. The Table dialog is displayed.

    Keys index the table. Using connection fields 1 and 2, you can link key values to other validation tables. (Connection fields are not, as it may first seem, for other valid values associated with a field.) Translation fields are used to translate field values.

  5. Edit your table as appropriate, depending on whether it is a:
  6. Click Close to close the Table dialog. The table is saved in the database.
After creating your table, you must specify the table in the appropriate place, depending on its intended use.

To search for key words within the table

  1. Type the key you want to find in the Update line.
  2. Click Search. If a line with the required string is found, it is displayed at the top of the dialog.