Prevent Kofax ReadSoft Invoices modules from starting without extensions

You can prevent a Kofax ReadSoft Invoices module from starting unless required add-ons (such as ReadSoft optional products or other plug-ins) are loaded. You can also reverse that setting.

Note This functionality can be disabled by whomever created and configured the extension.
  1. Select Administration > Manage extensions. The Manage extensions dialog is displayed.
  2. Select an extension and click Edit to open the Edit extension connection properties dialog.
  3. Select the modules that you want to prevent from starting if the extension is not installed or cannot be loaded.

    Alternatively, deselect modules that you want to be able to run without the extension. This does not disable the extension, nor does it control how the extension is loaded on a specific computer. It only permits the module to run even if an extension is unavailable.

  4. Click OK in two consecutive dialogs to close them.