Send pages for re-separation

There are two steps to re-separating invoices. This is step 1:

In order to re-separate invoices that have been incorrectly separated or joined, you must send them to the Uncertain separation folder for correction. When you send pages to the Uncertain separation folder, the entire batch is also included, so all of the pages in the batch are available for correction:

  1. Using Verify, open an invoice to process.
  2. Select Invoice > Re-separate.

    The entire batch moves to the Uncertain separation folder, allowing you to see the incorrectly separated pages in the context of the other pages in the batch.

    • Re-separate is only available when processing batches.
    • If an invoice is split or merged in Inspect, it will need to be reinterpreted. Consequently, any fields that have been edited manually in Verify are reset.
    • If a page that you send to the Uncertain separation folder has a field on it, the field value on the invoice will be reset.

    After you have completed this step, you can move to step 2 of the document separation process: Correcting document separation.