Specify titles

This information applies to single item fields and value identifiers.

Most fields on invoices have a title. A field title is text that always appears on an invoice and that Kofax ReadSoft Invoices can use to find the field. For example, the title for a date field might be "Invoice date". The same is true for value identifiers.

Why you should specify a title

A title is required for every field or value identifier that you want Kofax ReadSoft Invoices to learn automatically. If a field has no title, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices cannot learn the field automatically the first time an invoice of a certain type is processed.

Also, a title is required for a field or value identifier whose position varies from one invoice to another on invoices of the same type. For example, an amount field may be printed on a different line on each invoice, depending on how many items are listed on the invoice.

What text to specify for a title

In the invoice profile, titles must be composed only of letters and spaces. A title containing other characters must be specified in the invoice definition.

How many titles to specify

A field profile or value identifier must include all possible titles that you want Kofax ReadSoft Invoices to look for when finding the field on unlearned invoices.

A field definition or value identifier definition includes only one title, the one used on the unique invoice.

How to specify titles

  1. Using Manager, open the invoice profile, and then open the field profile or value identifier profile. Note that the invoice profile does not have to be inactive to specify titles.
  2. Click Titles.
  3. If the field or identifier does not have a title, deselect Use titles to search for value. Click OK. Skip the rest of the steps below.
  4. If the field or identifier has a title on the invoice, select Use titles to search for value.
  5. To manually enter the titles that might appear on the invoices, type the titles one at a time in the Title box and then select Add to add each title to the Selected titles box.

    If you use a title file, click Title file. Then select a title and click Add, or click Add all, to add titles to the Selected titles box.

    • Each title has a check box next to it. Check the box next to a title if:
      • You are confident that if this title is found, it is definitely the field you are looking for.
      • The title text does not occur more than once on the invoice.
    Important If you add a credit title for a Debit/Credit field, you must also add the title to Eiglobalextra.ini. See Learning the Debit/Credit field in Optimize for more information.