Specify the field format

You can specify the field format for all fields (excluding logo identifiers). This can be done on the field profile level and the field definition level:

  • For field profiles (single item and line item fields), these settings are found in the General settings of the Field profile dialog.
  • For single item field definitions, these settings can be found in the Field learning dialog (format specification).
  • For line item field definitions, these settings are found in the General settings of the Line item field definition dialog.

With the exception of Language for date fields, you do not need to adjust these settings for date and amount fields because the specification is filled in automatically.

  1. For regular fields, select all of the character types that can appear in the field:

    Numeric  For numbers
    Alpha, uppercase For uppercase letters
    Alpha, lowercase For lowercase letters
    Special characters For characters such as commas and periods
    Space   For blanks

    Normally, spaces and special characters are ignored and do not need to be specified in the format string. When Special characters is selected, the program expects these characters to be represented in the specification in the Specification box.

  2. Specify a format specification in the Specification box:

    For regular fields, type a precise format specification.

    For date fields, leave the Specification box blank or type a format specification.

    Note Interpret removes all special characters from SupplerVATRegistrationNumber fields, regardless of the format specification.
  3. Select a Language for date fields. This tells Interpret which month names to look for when interpreting dates.
    Tip If Interpret has problems capturing a field, try to improve the format specification. This can greatly improve interpretation and field capture. If a field has a well-defined format that is the same on all invoices (or on all invoices from a supplier), define a precise format specification.
    • The format specification for a field is limited to 256 characters.
    • If a Verify operator tries to approve a field value on an invoice that does not match the format specification or the validation settings, a warning message is displayed, asking the operator to confirm or change the value. The operator can approve a value that does not match the format specification and/or validation settings.