Confirm master data in connection with XML invoices

If you use master data, you are asked to confirm the connection to the master data when the XML invoice profile or the XML invoice definition for the invoice is optimized. To confirm the supplier in connection with master data when optimizing XML invoices:

  1. Using the Optimize module, double-click the XML invoice profile that the XML invoice definition you want to optimize belongs to.
  2. Double-click the invoice definition for the XML invoice that you want to optimize.
  3. Optimize the XML invoice definition or profile and click Save XML definition/Save XML profile. Changes need to be made in order to be able to confirm the master data.
  4. Click Close. The Confirm connection to master data dialog is displayed.
  5. Review the information included in the Supplier information from XML box.
  6. If the supplier name does not match the master data, for example, adjust the XML elements from which the current information is extracted by clicking Change supplier identification. You are returned to the XML Mapper.

    Note You can see the suppliers and buyers that are included in your master data by clicking Show suppliers or Show buyers while in the Fields tab of the XML Mapper. If necessary, you can use an advanced rule to translate a value found in the XML so that it matches the correct one in the master data when it is extracted from the invoice.

  7. When you are satisfied that the XML invoice definition or profile is connected to the correct supplier in the master data, click Confirm master data connection.