Use one or more user-defined variables to filter invoices in the inbox view

To allow for more refined inbox folders in Verify, one or more user-defined variables can be used to filter the invoices they contain.

Note that UDVs must be created in the Manager before they can be selected using the procedure below.

This is an optional part of creating (or adjusting) an inbox.

  1. Using Manager, click Settings > Inbox configuration to display the Inbox configuration dialog.
  2. Click Edit folders to display the Edit inbox folders dialog.
  3. In the Selection hierarchy section of the dialog, click the child node for which you want to filter invoices using UDVs.
  4. Click Apply selection criteria to this folder/group to display the available criteria.
  5. In the User-defined variable tab, click Select invoices using user-defined variables to enable the settings in the tab.
  6. For each UDV you want to specify for the node/folder, select the UDV name and the value you want associated with it from the corresponding dropdown lists, and click Add. The UDVs are added to the Selected list. Keep in mind that invoices must match all specified UDVs in order to end up in the folder in the inbox.

    Note Note that only one value can be specified for each available variable name.
  7. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog.