Remove unnecessary fields from XML invoices

Unnecessary fields in XML invoices can be removed/hidden from the PDF image when the XML invoice definition is optimized. This procedure applies to the removal of both normal fields (buyer, supplier, and other fields) and line-item fields.

To remove/hide fields that are not used in XML invoices:

  1. Start an Optimize session.
  2. Open a job definition that contains XML invoices and double-click an XML invoice.
  3. In the XML Mapper, select the field that you want to remove from the PDF image (click the Image tab on the left to see the image). You can:
  4. Click the Field mapping rules tab to the left on the screen, and select Disable extraction.
  5. Click Extract. The status icon turns green.
  6. Redo steps 3 – 5 for each field that you want to remove.
  7. Click Save definition and then Close.