The Job description dialog: Batching settings

To access this dialog:

  1. Create or open a Scan job description.
  2. Click Batching.

Use this dialog to control how batches are scanned.

Batch size The total number of invoice pages including any appendices (but not including blank separator pages) to be included in the batch.

This sets the value of the #BatchSize batch variable.

Batch prefix Up to 12 characters to help identify the batch, or leave blank.

This sets the value of the #BatchPrefix batch variable.

This is required if you run more than one Scan module, because there is a risk that the same batch number, time, and date could occur twice. Often, Batch prefix is used to hold the initials of the Scan operator.

Batch no The batch number of the first batch. If Batch no. is blank or 0, the first batch number is 0.

This sets the value of the #BatchNo batch variable.

Batch report layout file Click the file finder and select the batch report layout file to use.
Print batch report after each batch is processed Prints a batch report after each batch is scanned.
Auto increment batch no. Select this to number batches in sequence starting with the value in Batch no. For example, if the value is 0, then the first batch is batch number 0, the second is number 1, the third is number 2, and so on.

If you do not select Auto increment batch no., the batch number is always the same as Batch no.

Tip The settings for batch size, batch prefix, and batch number are displayed to the Scan operator at the start of each batch. The operator can change them.