Configure the supplier information columns that are visible in Verify

  1. Start verifying an invoice in the Verify module.
  2. Click in the Supplier input box in the Verifying dialog.
  3. Click in the column header to the left of Supplier number to display the Select columns dialog.

    Note that if this button is not available, the AllowVerifyOperatorToConfigureSupplierSelectionList flag has been turned off in the [Options] section of eiglobal.ini. See INI file help for more information.

  4. In the Searchable columns list, specify which columns are to be available in the supplier search pane of the Verifying dialog.
  5. In the Viewable columns list, specify what information is available in the supplier information pane of the Verifying dialog for the supplier currently selected in the supplier search pane.
  6. Click OK.