Adjust the supplier, supplier number, and description

When you verify or optimize an invoice, the supplier, supplier number, and description are displayed in their respective boxes.

If supplier number and description are not displayed, and you cannot change the supplier, see other instructions. Otherwise, use one of the procedures below when the supplier is incorrect:

  • If a supplier registry is used, and Kofax ReadSoft Invoices is uncertain if the supplier is correct for any reason (more than one supplier can be matched to the invoice, or it is the first time a supplier is seen in the system, for examples), a yellow triangular icon is displayed next to the box. When you click the box, all matching candidates are listed in the pane directly under the Supplier box. In addition, the complete information for the currently selected supplier is found in the bottom pane in the window. Verify the supplier using the information in the invoice image and select the correct one in the list and press Enter.
  • If a supplier is not listed in the Supplier box (or if you want to check against all suppliers that belong to the selected buyer), you can simply start typing desired characters into the box.
    • If a supplier registry is used, a list of all suppliers for which the entered characters match (in any of the displayed columns), is displayed. Configuring supplier information columns that are displayed in Verify.
    • If the invoice is matched against invoice definitions, the names of all definitions that match the entered characters are displayed.
  • If the supplier already exists, you can select the supplier from the list and press Enter. If the program finds that there is more than one variant for the supplier in the system, the Select layout dialog displays a list of those variants and asks you to select the correct one. When you make your choice and click OK, Kofax ReadSoft Invoices then asks you if you want to reinterpret the invoice according to this supplier.
    • If you click Yes, the invoice is reinterpreted according to the selected supplier’s invoice definition.
    • If you click No, the invoice is only connected to the invoice definition.

In both cases, any changes you make to the invoice affect the invoice definition.

  • If this is a new invoice from a new supplier, a new invoice definition is created from this invoice and saved with the name you enter in the Supplier box. If master data is used in this situation, you can type in <New supplier> or click the New supplier button on the bottom of the window.
  • If the invoice is from a one-time vendor, you can either type <One-time supplier> in the Supplier box, or you can click the One-time supplier button on the bottom of the window.

If you change the supplier in Verify, you must select the Reinterpret option in order for the invoice to be reinterpreted against the invoice definition of the new supplier.