Transfer original invoice files to SAP in connection with Invoice Cockpit

To have Kofax ReadSoft Invoices transfer the original invoice files rather than those created by the program to SAP using Invoice Cockpit when better quality images are preferred:

  1. In the [Options] section of eiglobal.ini, set TransferOriginalFiles=1.
  2. In eicc.ini, set ArchiveOriginalFile=1
  3. Ensure the file type for all original files that you desire to be transferred are specified in connection with ArchiveOriginalDocumentTypeList in eicc.ini (see below)

When the above is specified, the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices Transfer module creates the EICCARCHIVEORIGINALFILE UDV and updates the path in it to the location of the original files. Then Invoice Cockpit only retrieves the files with the UDV value and transfers the corresponding original files to the SAP system.

Note that this requires EIC or later to work.

Specify original invoice file types for ArchiveOriginalDocumentTypeList in eicc.ini

The format is [DocumentType:DocumentClass].

Add the file type for all document types you want to archive separated by a comma (,) in the following way:


For more information, see OAC2 (t-code) in SAP

  • If the original document file type is not included for the flag in this way, the archive aborts and continues with other archiving methods.
  • Once the original file is archived to SAP, the file is not removed from SAP even if the transfer of the corresponding invoice fails.
  • If a file contains more than one invoice, only the original files for the first invoice in the file is archived.