New and one-time suppliers

If the invoice you are verifying is from a supplier that is new, or that is a one-time supplier (for example, a general expense invoice from a restaurant), sometimes you may not be able to enter the supplier name in Verify. This is because the Kofax ReadSoft Invoices administrator has determined that you are only allowed to select suppliers from the master data, where the new supplier is not listed. In other words, you are not allowed to enter a new supplier in Verify.

In these cases, enter one of the following values in the Supplier field in the Verifying dialog, or click the corresponding button at the bottom of the Verifying dialog window:

  • <New supplier>
  • <One-time supplier>

You can now verify the rest of the invoice.

The names that are saved in the transfer file for the suppliers are <New supplier> or <One-time supplier>, depending on which one you selected.

Note No invoice definition is created when you use these values for the supplier.