Insert headers and other text into a transaction description

In a transaction description you can manually insert transaction fields with any strings or filler characters, text comments, and so on that you want to include in the transfer file.

For example, you might like to insert:

  • A carriage return and line feed in a specific position
  • A header that describes the data to follow
  • A tab in a specific position
  • Any ASCII character, such as a smiley-face, using the ASCII symbol


  1. Put your cursor in the transaction field just below where you want the numerical field to be inserted.
  2. Click the New field button (the top one). The Properties dialog is displayed.
  3. Type a Field name you can recognize (but not the name of an existing field on the invoice profile, even if that field is not included in the transaction description) that does not start with special characters such as "#" or "¤".
  4. For Format, type X(i) where "i" is the number of characters in the text you want to insert.
  5. In Pad character, type any character (such as an asterisk). It is required but does not affect the output in this case.
  6. In the Length box, type the number of characters again.
  7. In quotation marks in the Expression edit box, type the specific characters you want to appear in the transfer file (for example " Trans A") or the ASCII character code preceded by a slash (for example /042). The maximum number of characters in an expression is 255.
  8. Click OK.

    It is not possible to retrieve text from one field and assign it to a user-defined text field. For example, "Special:"+ TextA is not a valid expression for a text field. However, you can achieve the same results by inserting a transaction field containing "Special:" followed by the TextA transaction field.