Change the field headings in the PDF image for XML invoices

Using this procedure changes the field headings in both the Image tab in the XML Mapper and in the PDF image that is generated for the XML invoice for all XML invoices that are processed regardless of the XML invoice standard or invoice definition they belong to:

Using the Manager module, select Plugins > XML Maintenance.

  1. Click the Layouts tab.
  2. In the Headers drop-down list, select the section of the XML where the field that you want to change the heading for is found.
  3. In the Fields table, find the field and double-click the corresponding cell in the Display name column.
  4. Type the new name.
  5. Click Close.

Note: These fields cannot currently be changed using this procedure:

  • Line item fields
  • Footer fields
  • Main texts (such as, Buyer, Supplier, "No. of rows")