Action: Set invoice user-defined variable (InvoiceRules plugin)

Configure this action option to process invoices in a certain way when specified conditions are met when using the InvoiceRules plugin.

Do the following to create or change the value of a user-defined variable if the specified conditions are met:

  1. When configuring what actions to apply to a rule, select Set invoice userdefined variable.
  2. Type the name of the user-defined variable under Userdefined variable (UDV) name.
  3. If desired, click Append to existing value to add the value to the existing one.
  4. Select appropriate static or dynamic values to determine the text to write in the field under Text value to write into UDV. More than one dynamic value can be used to build the field value by clicking Add value part at the bottom of the dialog and selecting appropriate values.
  5. Click OK.