Main Menu button

The Canon MFP provides a button that is used to exit the Unified Client and return to the Canon MFP native home screen. When a user presses the Main Menu button, they will leave the Unified Client and return to the Canon Native home screen where upon they can interact with the rest of the device.

When the user returns to the Unified Client application, they will see the same screen that was visible before they pressed the Main Menu and can continue working on the application as if they never left that point.
Note: If the device is not locked down and the user does this with a scan workflow active, the next user can see what that user was typing. In this case, it is important to ensure that the Auto Reset Timer is configured on the device to minimize the chance of a second user seeing private data from the first user, or ensure the first user presses the Reset button before they leave the Unified Client. See Canon Auto Reset Timer.
If the AutoStore server is configured to prompt for identification, the screen is cleared if the user leaves the identity screen before completing the process. This ensures that the next user is not able to login as the previous user.