Create and Manage Accounts

Printing Accounts are required to track copy, fax, scan, and print usage. Each time a user submits a job, the Core Accounting Server (CAS) validates the job request, then logs the transaction details to the database.

If you want Equitrac to track printing per User, Department, or Billing code (or any combination of the three), you need to create printing accounts. You can use accounts to set limits on the amount of printing each account can perform, and on the number of color pages each account can produce.

Each account is logged in the database. Print, scan, fax, and copy job transaction details are logged to the account. User account properties can also include name, email address, account balance, minimum balance, department assigned to, remaining color quotas, and available billing codes.

Each time a user submits a print request, DRE contacts the Core Accounting Server (CAS) to verify the users credentials. CAS checks the database entry for the account, and either verifies or denies the print request. If verified, the print job is released to the print queue. After the job has printed, DRE forwards the transaction details to CAS, which updates the account information and transaction details for that account.

The process for a scan, fax, or copy job is similar, but DCE performs the functions provided by DRE.