Scan Load Balancing

An SPE requires at least one DCE to operate, and multiple SPEs can be deployed per DCE to manage the scan load requirements. Scanning requirements for organizations differ based upon the amount of scanning performed, and how much, if any, OCR processing is used during the scanning process. Typically, a separate SPE server option is selected only if OCR processing is used. Equitrac recommends planning your installation based upon your scanning needs.

  • Organizations performing minimal amounts of scanning or OCR processing can install the SPE along with all other Equitrac Core Components on the same server.
  • Organizations performing regular scanning and OCR work should consider deploying the SPE onto separate servers.
  • Organizations performing heavy scanning and OCR processing should scale the SPE requirements to their needs. One or more SPEs can be deployed to their own servers if the shared DCE/SPE server cannot adequately resolve the scan and OCR needs. Various configurations are possible in such a setup. Equitrac can be configured with multiple SPEs, where some are designated for scans, others for OCR.
Note: When scanning highly-detailed documents (e.g. documents with deep color contrast of text and background, or high quality images), increasing the scan DPI may be necessary to ensure optimum OCR output quality.