Create Desktop Print Rules

In some environments that mix network and desktop printing, you may require a method of encouraging users to print to higher-volume, lower-cost network printers instead of their desktop devices. You could apply pricing that charges more for desktop printing, or set the Desktop Print Rule to automatically prevent users from printing large jobs on desktop printers.

Note: Create Desktop Print Rules only if you deployed the desktop printing feature within Equitrac. Desktop Print Rules only apply to printers connected locally to a workstation via LPT or USB.

If Equitrac locates a Rule Set for the selected desktop device, Equitrac evaluates the rules in the set, starting with the first rule. If a match is found for both rule type and rule criteria, the rule action is applied to the request.

For example, you might want to deny users the ability to print to desktop printers when their print job exceeds 50 pages. Or, you could set up a warning message as part of the rule that allows the job to print, but asks the user to consider printing to a network printer when their jobs exceed 50 pages.

To create a Desktop Print Rule, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Rules and Routing in the left menu.
  2. Under the Rule Set column, click a rule set to which you want to add a rule. The rule set expands, and then click Add rule. The Rule page opens.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for the rule set, and click Save to save the rule set.
  4. Under the Rule Set column, select a rule set and click Add Rule.The Rule page opens.
  5. Enter a rule name in the Name field.
  6. In the Type list, select Apply this rule to desktop printing.
    Note: You can also select Apply this rule to printing or copying to have this rule for both printing and copying.
  7. Select a rule Action from the list.
    Note: Some actions require you to send a message to the user or select a device where jobs can be routed to. This must be configured otherwise the Save button remains disabled.
  8. Click Add Condition to add a condition to the rule.
    Note: Some rule criteria require you to specify numbers or names related to pages, departments, groups, etc. This must be configured otherwise the Save button remains disabled.
  9. Click Save to add the rule to the rule set.
Interactive rules are not available with Desktop Printing.

If the global error notifications are set to use Email, the user receives the messages via email in addition to the popup on their desktop. See Selecting Notification Methods.