Application-level Access Permissions

To prevent unauthorized access to the Equitrac Administrative Applications or modifications to registry entries, Equitrac relies on Application-level Administrative and Windows-level permissions accounts permissions.

Application-level permissions determine which users have access to Equitrac components. You can assign access to user groups to one or more of the following permissions:

  • Admin – Grants access to System Manager, Reports Manager, Device Monitoring Console, Cashier and Print Queue Viewer.
  • Reports – Grants access to Reports, Dashboard Reports.
  • Accounts – Grants access to Accounts.
  • Department – Grants access to Department.
  • Device Admin – Grants access to Device Monitoring Console.
  • Print Distribution – Grants access to Send To printing application
  • Cashier – Grants access to Cashier Application.

You cannot assign access on an individual user basis. Instead, access is granted to a Windows-level group that is registered to a domain. If you want to assign Admin access to just one person, establish a Windows-level group that contains just the one user.